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March 3, 2014

The winter has felt particularly snowy. Almost every week the weather forecast includes a snow storm, and although they aren’t horrible storms, they tend to fall during rush hour, when everyone this on the road. Here are a couple of instagram photos I have taken of this white winter.

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3*this last photo isn’t that great, but it’s of Two Turkeys in a Tree I saw running one day and I’m slightly obsessed that I saw turkeys in a tree.


Boston Winter Thaw

March 2, 2014

This winter has felt rough. Granted it is my second winter in Boston, and other then Nemo, last winter was on the mild side. This winter has been plagued with polar vortexes and snow storm after snow storm. Finally, last week we got a winter thaw! The timing of it could not be more perfect because I had a friend up visiting! The beautiful weather allowed us to enjoy strolling around downtown, walking from the Commons to Copley, skating on the frog pond (my first time!) and a night out in the North End.

And of course the snow allowed me to snap some great photos of downtown Boston. Enjoy!






Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

March 2, 2014

When I see a page title with “photos of abandoned places” I can’t help put click and admire the beautiful photos of abandoned places. I love when photographers can take abandoned places or objects and place them in a composition that is compelling. A goal of mine has always been to go into the abandoned warehouses around Cleveland and take photos of the aged infrastructures of Cleveland’s golden days, but have yet to do so.  The closest I have come to succeeding is taking a photo of one of my favorite abandoned buildings when it was in the middle of the process of being torn down.

CLE Building copywrite

It was exciting for me to see the theme of this week’s photo challenge: abandoned places. At first I didn’t think I would have a moment to get out and take a shot for the theme. However, I lucked out when I remembered I had photos left from over this falls apple picked expedition of a pile of abandoned apple creates and other various abandoned objects.





Wordless Wednesday

November 6, 2013


Fall Apple Picking: APPLES!

November 3, 2013

I don’t know how often I post about going apple picking. Apple picking is my favorite fall activity and I use it as an excuse to take my camera out to an orchard. Last fall when I went apple picking, we picked an orchard that felt very commercial and crowded. Although those trees were perfect for climbing and there were plenty of apples, commercial and crowded are my least favorite descriptions to associate with apple picking. When looking for an orchard, I wanted to find one that was the opposite of last year’s trip. My friends and I found a place about 40 minutes north of city: Westford Hill Orchard. It was the perfect size, there was still a variety of apples, free hay rides, spiced apple cider and cider donuts at their farm stand, and it was almost empty. We had a blast picking apples. And I left with a collection of photos. I will be posting photos from the trip this week, so make sure to check back for additional photos organized around specific themes.

To launch the series I decided to post three photos where the focus was the apples.




PS: Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I began a new FULL TIME job in September and it has been sucking up my time.

Algonquin Park: Beaver Pond Trail

September 14, 2013

During my family’s trip to Algonquin, we took a walk around Beaver Pond Trail. This interactive 2 km trail winds its way around a pond/lake where you can see a beaver lodge and dam. Hikers can take a guidebook with them and read about various facts, learning about beavers and the lodge/dam making process. The path was not too difficult and takes you to a great lookout point at the end of the trail. If you are ever in Algonquin I strongly suggest picking up a guidebook at the Visitor’s Center and heading down to Beaver Pond Trail for a wonderful walk.

Some Sad News

September 7, 2013

This week my family said goodbye to our amazing rescue lab of 11 years, Dalton. He was about 2 when we rescued him, and was been the source of tales ever day 1. In one tale, he ate an uncooked chicken pot pie off the counter, including pieces of the ceramic plate it was going to be cooked in. In another, he tried to eat a pound of hamburger meat in one mouth full, but was caught in the act. With most of the meat still in his mouth he tried to decide if he could pick up pieces that dropped on the floor without loosing the chunk in his mouth. In his old age, he decided burnt wood coals in the fireplace were a delicious treat and we’d find his ear covered in ash from snacking on them. Most of the stories we tell about him seem to involve food, but he also had a habit of destroying things. He wanted to be where we were so much that he went through two screen doors multiple times and destroyed his share of baby gates. He popped up most frequently in my photo a day challenge and was one of my favorite subjects to snap photos of with my phone. We will miss, but were lucky to have had him for such a long time and to experience a relationship with such a loving dog.

dalton for blog


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