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Nature Photography Introduction: Taking the Class

April 24, 2008

So at my school we end with a five week term called Short Term. You only take one class….I am taking a photography class. I love photography and I would have to say taking pictures of nature is probably my best subject. (I don’t really like telling people where to go and how to stand or arranging things). I like taking something that is already made and manipulateing the view point it is being seen from or taking something in nature that is average, like trees, and turn them into something beautiful by manipulating the way I am viewing the object from my view finder.

So for 5 weeks I am taking a class called Nature Photography. We will go on a total of 12 field trips to VARIOUS locations around Maine. Today we went to Coos Canyon in Byron, Maine and on the way to it we passed through….MEXICO!!!! (not actual Mexico more like the Town of Mexico in Maine). We were taking pictures around a part in a river filled with rapids. It was worth the hour and a half drive.

So I will keep you updated on all the new skills I learn in this class through updates on the class, including pictures I take (sadly with my point and shoot and not my SLR). Enjoy the pictures and adventures I will tell about this class.

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  1. Myta Santiago permalink
    May 11, 2008 1:34 pm

    Hi. Random. Anyway, that class is so cool and I wish I could take it if I were in Maine. I’m very much into nature photography and I’ll be coming back to learn more. 🙂

  2. May 17, 2013 12:36 am

    That’s like Houston Texas being without a Country station. They also apparently believe that their customers who like a particular song they hear on the radio, are likely to purchase that song, which could add to downloads from i – Tunes. Perfect for long trips and for up to date information on road conditions ahead.


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