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Slides or Black and White Printing

April 26, 2008

So there are two things I can do on my own in terms of creating my own final project, create a black and white print from undeveloped film (i.e. develop the film and print the picture) and as of yesterday and I can develop color slides. So my hands turned orange in the process but the final product was worth it. To see a roll of film emerge from the light tight canister filled with color might have made my day. So the question now becomes to take more Black and White film or to take more color slides.

What I like about color slides. One thing is that when you look at the negative you don’t have to try to figure out what exactly the picture is of. Is the flower purple or is it more red. The negative is a smaller version of the picture. Also you can do cool things with color slides. One thing is called emulsion transfer.


 What one does is using a specific machine to take a Polaroid of a slide and take the new Polaroid and place is in a think of boiling water until the emulsion (the picture) begins to boil off. While holding the Polaroid in cold water you push the emulsion off of the piece of paper on to a plastic thing where you transfer the image on to water color paper. It has a cool effect in the end, as you can see from the pictures.

With black and white printing I feel almost restricted to just the printing aspect. there are cool things to do, but they often require a lot more chemicals then I have in my possession. And the strength of the picture really depends on the strength of the composition, not just how the subject looks after it was transferred.

That is one of my black and white images take in Cleveland’s Lake View Cemetery.

I like all the final products on the page. But I still want to ask myself should i take more slide film or should I take more black and white film? So what will I pick.


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