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Nature Photography #2: Hand-Rolled Film

April 29, 2008

If there has been anything I have learned this week in the class is that I don’t like hand-rolled film and my camera HATES is. I have one of those SLR automatic/ manual ones (the lighting can be determined automatically or manually). A Nikon N75 to be precise that uses film (hopefully in the new future I will have an SLR digital one). I love it to death and it terrified me when 3 days in a row and error popped up on my screen and I didn’t know how to fix it. I actually still don’t know exactly how to fix it, just HOURS upon HOURS of messing around with it and it fixes itself. I know though what causes is….hand rolled film. What happens is that my camera has such a large computer brain compared to older versions of a 35 mm SLR that it thinks to much and doesn’t know what to think of this film.

Sadly, I think this means no black and white film in this class….so very little time in the dark room. I might go out and buy some factory rolled so I can be able to print. But I now know more about my camera then I probably would ever learn from a manual (I don’t really use my manually anyway). My camera HATES hand-rolled film and now I hate it too!

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