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August 27, 2009

This past semester (I’m talking back in April) I wrote a paper on the reflection of the growing Europe trading world within paintings. In this paper I spent about two pages discussing tulips, which was only possible after reading a 300 page + book about tulips. My mom is a very big gardener, all the pictures of flowers from my house have been made possible with extensive hours in her amazing garden. I am not. So when I take pictures of plants in the garden, I do not really know what I am taking a picture of, my mom usually has to tell me.

When I took the following picture it was the same thing, I thought I was taking a picture of a flower. I had no idea what is was, but my mom informed me it was a tulip. So despite spending hours looking at portraits of tulips (yes portraits, and not paintings of them) I was still unable to identify a tulip in the ground.

So here is my portrait of a pink tulip (if you want me to find out the fancy name, I can do so.)


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