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September 5, 2009

I’ve been in Florence (or as the locals call it Firenze) for about four and a half days and have only really seen a small section of the city. This is not because I do not want to, I would love to spend a day walking around every niche and cranny of the center of town, but because I seem to be repeating the beginning of freshmen year. We have had meeting after meeting to make sure that we are all set for the next 3+ months we will spend here.

Out of all the important places to see as of Thursday afternoon, when I moved into my home stay, the only thing I could  check of my list was the Ponte Vecchio (in case you don’t know what that is, it’s a famous bridge with shops on it). And then Friday afternoon I finally made it to Il Duomo. Seeing it reminded me that a building that is as large and has as much detailing as it does cannot have its presence justified in a picture, not even a group of pictures.

As you’re walking down the street, it’s just there at the end of the street, sitting like a wall. You almost run into and you’re not expecting it to be as massive as it is. ( According to my guide book it is the world’s 4thlargest cattedral and took about 150 years to complete. You look up and awe at its façade and then look back to the actual dome portion and have a it fans out at the tip to create the cross shape that cathedrals are built in. (The art historian in me is coming out, I can feel it.) The cross is then topped with a large cupola (dome). The decoration of the façade is breathe taking. In addition to the geometric layering and placement of colors, there are navati (naves) with carved marble statues of saints.

I’m obviously in awe of the building and am happy to post my first picture from Italy of Il Duomo.

(Feel free to correct my Italian).


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  1. November 19, 2009 12:10 am

    It does appear massive…and massive busy! One can quickly appreciate why it took 150 years to complete from just this one picture.


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