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Another Year Wiser?

December 28, 2009

It’s my 21st birthday. Which means two things: 1) I can drink and buy alcohol legally and 2) I’m one more year closer to graduating college. The second one really catches my eye because until now I have been really just taking life as it come. And other than get a summer internship, there is no other big step before graduation and I do not have many other things to cross off my to-do life list except grad school, marriage, and kids. To add to this thinking about the future and what I am going to do with my life. Then I began seeing these commercials on MTV for this new show “The Buried Life”. These guys have made this list of 100 things they want to do before they die, otherwise known as a bucket list. I’ve decided to begin my own and I could really use your suggestions! Here are the first 10 things on my list

  1. Go to Vatican City (November 2009)
  2. Touch something from BCE (November 2009, the place where they laid Julius Caesar’s Body)
  3. Finish a photo project I’ve begun
  4. Run in a race rather than the Turkey Trot
  5. Go to all 50 states
  6. Go to Asia
  7. Sky dive
  8. Try surfing
  9. Travel to Easter Island
  10. 10.  Travel to Africa

(Sorry no pictures, but maybe these things will inspire some!)

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  1. December 28, 2009 6:33 am

    Wow. Great list. I am jealous to You from the fourth point. I have all my life dreamed to to race with car, but lack of money in my youth and years later too old, no go.

    This I am compensating this by taking a car travel holiday to Germany many summer where on highways there is no speed limit. Think, legally one can drive as fast as one’s car goes.

    The velocity of my car is restricted electronically to 155 miles/h ot 250 km/h. Last time I enjoyd the speed of 150 miles/h or 242 km/h. Guess, it was so enjoyable, what a feeling to drive “nearly fast”. I wanna again to get that feeling next summer!!!

    So, I do hope that You can carry out all those what You have been planned.

  2. December 28, 2009 1:30 pm

    Happy birthday Maggie!! I guess the need to make that list magnifies two fold with the New Year closing in:)

    I tell myself (and others) that I’ve given up on the list…but every year I still have a secret goal I hope to achieve. 2009 was meant to be a year I consistently photographed and made a solid attempt to learn & explore…and now that the year end is here…I feel so good that I am on track. Nothing like a feeling of accomplishment, eh? Nothing like creative inspiration. So yeah, my list is usually pretty short:)
    2010, I plan to resurrect the writing gods and write write write. That’s been a childhood dream I did not pay much heed to but always wanted to.

    Fun list you got there- I second #6, and #2 tells me you are a romantic! Wish you the best Maggie…and hope to see #3 soon here!:)

  3. December 30, 2009 12:58 am

    Happy Birthday, Maggie! That is a very impressive start on a Bucket List! What is your fascination with Easter Island?

  4. December 30, 2009 1:21 am

    The fascination with Easter Island began my freshman year of high school when our dance teacher began to tell us about it and how awesome it would be to go. Since then I have wanted to go and see the giant heads. Plus my aunt is going this upcoming week.

  5. December 31, 2009 5:29 am

    Happy belated Birthday, quiet impressive list and it looks like you had a good start. 🙂


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