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Art for Art’s Sake

March 3, 2010

I am currently taking a Realism and Impression art history class and recently the subject of Art for Art’s Sake began to be addressed. Whenever I see modern art the question of “why is this art or is this art just the sake of creating art?”

The period we’re talking about in my class changes in the art scene as the shift away from history painting occurred. Art in the 18th century was considered better if the paintings had been painted in a studio and was well thought out as it idealized the scene it was painting. However, during the 1850’s painters move away from this idealized aspect to scene during the pre-Raphaelite movement. Although the pictures of the pre-Raphaelite movement still contained a meaning that the viewer was suppose to reflect on. However eventually the art moves away from being able to read and contain a scene that one is suppose to contemplate over and being art for arts sake of landscape paintings, series scenes of dancers, and garden pastels.

What I am drawing at is the continuation of the movement to create modern art. Even if art for art’s sake one needed to contain a certain amount of skill for it to be considered good so I just don’t understand how paintings consistent of one color is considered art because I don’t understand the amount of skill needed. Honestly, in most cases if I could paint it I don’t really see it as art, no matter the story associated with it. So I am asking for input in ho

According to this sign “Art is rice and watermelon”. As an art history student I am really curious about what people consider art and how does this change.

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