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I’m a Clevelander….and I always will be

July 9, 2010

I know I haven’t posted in a while so this is an odd post for me to come back and post for, but I feel like I have to stand up for the city of Cleveland as a true Clevelander.

First, I’m not a huge Cavs fan, but I am a die-hard Indians fan and a die-hard Cleveland fan. I’ve enjoyed cheering for the Cavs because watching Lebron was fun and it was nice to have a winning team as the Indians continue to fluctuate and and the Browns can’t recover from 1995. (I remember counting down the days till the new Browns arrived). The world series of 1997 still hurts (oh, and 1995) and although I don’t remember the Browns leaving announcement I do remember that one day we had the Browns and one day we didn’t.

Up until the announcement about the announcement special, I felt that if Lebron went to a different team, oh well, but he was doing what was best for him and Cleveland will recover and I might still cheer for him. (When Omar Vizquel left the Indians and I was only sad that I couldn’t cheer for him at all the Indians game I go to, but I still love him and he remains my fav baseball player.) Most likely Cavs fans would have respected Lebron more if he picked a different team in a subtle press conference…

….but the way he did it, in my opinion, justifies Clevelanders’ reactions.

People might see our actions as childish, but because of  the special, I feel he ripped out our hearts and then stomped on them. And continues to do that. He might have been put on a pedestal, but there’s away to go out with grace, and he didn’t. He seemed heartless in his announcement and that decision might have been hard for him….but there was no need to do it like that. Clevelanders feel betrayed, because that was public humiliation on our beloved city that we take pride in.

Cleveland is a great place and we still have other things: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Cleveland Art Museum, the Cleveland Orchestra, Progressive, and the Iron Chef Michael Symon (Lebron is not our only celebrity). So to have him humiliate us like that when we know we’re still a great city, hurts. So Cleveland’s gonna attack back and say “F you!” There’s no other explanation for the reactions.

During this time I couldn’t be prouder to be from Cleveland because of people’s reactions. A knife was torn through the heart of the United States (a nick-name for Ohio because of its’ shape and location). We’ll recover from this, we always recover, but we’ll always look back on it and wonder what did we do to deserve this type of treatment.

At least we have Dan Gilbert, who seems to understand our feelings.

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