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Day 8-11: Traveling

April 18, 2011

Since I took my last quiz/exam I’ve been busy traveling or having internet problems. Here is a picture from each day of my weekend where I drove down to my cousin’s outside Boston, then took the train to NYC for the rest of the weekend where I hung out with my best friend from high school and my parents and my sister. Now I am back in Cleveland for break.

Day 8: Vermont Liquor Store

Whenever I drive to and from Boston for school I pass by these Vermont Liquor stores. They are shaped like barns so I stopped and took a photo.

Day 9: NYC, night out

After I went to my friend’s play we went out and had a great time.

Day 10: NYC Lower East Side

My parents, my older sister, and I went to the Tenement’s museum on the lower east side and I took this picture of the apartment buildings and tree that was on the same block. We couldn’t take pictures on the tour.

Day 11: Wave Hill

This is my first of many pictures I am going to post from my visit to the botanical garden my sister works at in NYC, Wave Hill. I strongly recommend going if you are in the area.

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  1. April 19, 2011 4:18 am

    Loved the second-last pic.. amazing composition and colors..

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