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Day 47-55: Been Busy…Graduating

May 31, 2011

So I have been really busy lately. First there was Senior Week, the week leading up to graduation. Then there was graduation, which was jam packed full of stuff from graduation events and my family being in town. Then finally there was driving home and beginning to unpack. These are many of the pictures I took over the past week.

Day 47: Pub Crawl Mice

One of the events for senior week is a pub crawl where seniors dress up as groups. My friends and I were the Three Blind Mice with a cat that was chasing us.

Day 48: Connect Four

The Tuesday night event for senior week was an evening trip to Portland. We went to a club that had these giant games, such as Connect Four. My friend is pictured below playing it with me.

Day 49: Green Spring Foilage

I took this last picture from my dorm window because I realized that the leaves were covering the quad so I thought it would make a nice green picture.

Day 50: My Home this Past Year

This is the dorm I lived in for the past year.

Day 51: Who am I looking at.

The family finally came up, which included my 10 month old nephew. He really likes mirrors, but I’m not sure if he knows he is looking at himself.

Day 52: Map

We had my graduation dinner at an inn in Freeport where I saw this map on the way out.

Day 53: I’m a College Graduate

I made it through graduation and was able to take tons of pictures with my family after. This is my sister (not the mother) and our nephew doing the “self-taken” pictures. Our family member were really amused by this and were taking pictures of it.

Day 54: New York Thruway

This is a picture of the New York Thruway taken from the rest stop Angola. Its a rest stop that is in the middle of the highway that you cross bridges that go cover the different directions of the highway.

Day 55: Dalton in my car

I took a break from unpacking to go pick up my family’s dog at the kennel. This is him in the car.

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