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Day 56-60: First Week Home

June 5, 2011

So I am technically saying I’ve been home for a full week because it feels like it. This is due to the busy past few days I have been having. My mother’s brother, his wife and daughter (who is my age and has her own blog) came for a visit and this week has been full of doing stuff with them.

Day 56:I spent a portion of the day organizing my beer bottle collection and I continued to unpack. Then I spent some time photographing it.

Day 57: Spent the morning putting things away in my room before my family got to town. One thing I did was hang a poster of Italy on the wall in the poster frame I had just bought.

Day 58: After eating lunch in Chagrin Falls and taking pictures of the falls, that I will post later, my cousin, aunt, and I went to the zoo and proceeded to take many pictures. I will post more later but this was one of my favorite. The picture shows a Meerkat who had just heard something interesting.

Day 59: On Saturday’s agenda was a visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art followed by a baseball game in the evening. We entered the museum through a door in the parking garage but decided to go out into the Wade Oval green after our visit. There we found these decorated globes that had been decorated by various artists and then installed in the green. This was my favorite one.

Day 60: A robin has nested by the main door we use and a few days ago the eggs hatched. I was finally able to get up on a ladder today to take some pictures.

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