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Day 61-67: First week of work: Flowers, the theater and street art

June 12, 2011

These are pictures taken during my first week of my summer internship. Most are pictures from my mother’s garden but not all of them.

Day 61: The stone bench by a hanging plant outside out front door.

Day 62: These flowers were in our kitchen.

Day 63: When I was on my way to work I saw this tag out of the corner of my eye. It looks like the “Andre the Giant” tag Shepard Fairey does, so of course I took the picture.

Day 64: I was sitting in my kitchen and liked the interaction of the textures on our deck, the plants on it, and these little pine cone seed things scattered around.

Day 65: This is a lobby of the Ohio Theater down at Playhouse Square. I was there Friday preparing for a dance performance the next night, which was presented by the organization I am working for this summer.

Day 66: I was back down at the theater and took a picture of this space because there was a walk way originally there. It was demolished so one of the theater organizations, The Playhouse, could build a new theater in that space.

Day 67: It rained a lot last night and some this morning, so due to my love of rain drops on plants I took some pictures of that.


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