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Day 68-82: Friends, Baking and A Movie Set

June 27, 2011

Over the past two weeks I have been extremely busy but Finally have time to post. Here are the pictures from that 2 week and 1 day period.

Day 68 (June 13): When I was driving to work I passed my this mural and decided to take a picture when I was stopped at a traffic light.

Day 69 (June 14): I went out to my friend’s house and I got to meet her father’s chickens: lunch and dinner. I think this one is dinner. We also went on a hike, and I’ll post those pictures later.

Day 70 (June 15): My parents go to the farmers market every week and buy the vegetables that are in season. This very flat asparagus showed up in that week’s batch.

Day 71 (June 16): I noticed this nest out our TV room window so I took a picture.

Day 72 (June 17): This is a mural behind the local movie theater. I took a picture when I was on the way to dinner with a friend.

Day 73 (June 18): This is my makeshift yearbook station I have created as I work to finish up the yearbook for my college.

Day 74 (June 19): For father’s day my parents rode out to Chagrin Falls and I met them there for breakfast. We ate restaurant that had these mini juke boxes on the tables.

Day 75 (June 20): I went to the zoo (again) with my friend. Luckily we were able to see the thing I wasn’t able to see on my previous trip. One of which was the Australia section where theses koala bears.

Day 76 (June 21): This week they shot a movie on our street and this is the beginning of the build up for the movie Fun Size.

Day 77 (June 22): We knew a couple of families who’s houses were getting decorated for the movie and this was one with a two-story spider web with giant spiders.

Day 78 (June 23): Because our bananas were getting old I made a batch of banana muffins.

Day 79 (June 24): Friday they finally shot the movie, at night. Obviously I went down to see the street all lit up.

Day 80 (June 25): My mom was hosting a bridal shower Sunday, and I made the cupcakes.

Day 81 (June 26): In the morning before the shower I frosted the cupcakes with a raspberry butter cream frosting with red sprinkles.

Day 82 (June 27): This flower was laying in our driveway so I decided to take a picture.

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