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Day 97-118: 3 Weeks of being busy…and power outages

August 2, 2011

…or just enjoying not being at school and not needing to be constantly working on something on my computer. Here are the pictures I took over those days. (I was in the middle of putting up this post and the power went out and my labtop died before it came back on.)

Day 97 (7/12): My mom brought these dahlias home from a bike ride.

Day 98 (7/13): The robin came back to the next on our garage and hatched a new set of baby birds.

Day 99 (7/14): I was re-reading the Harry Potter series in honor of the 7.5 movie coming out. Clearly this book has had some love…thus has had some wear and tear.

Day 100 (7/15): My parent were having a few friends over and I was told to keep Dalton with me. The entire time he stared at the door, slightly tilting his head every time he hear a little movement.

Day 101 (7/16): This is my ticket to go see the 7.5 Harry Potter movie.

Day 102 (7/17): I rearranged the beer bottle that I have multiple types of.

Day 103 (7/18): I took this picture of the top of the trees.

Day 104 (7/19): The little gift shop I occasionally work at.

Day 105 (7/20): For lunch, I ate this crepe with tomatoes, pesto, and mozzarella from this new bakery.

Day 106 (7/21): This was the Thursday when I was really hot and my dog was really suffering.

Day 107 (7/22): The rain storm that broke the heat.

Day 108 (7/23): Until the heat on Thursday I never thought I would be excited to see over 80 degrees on the thermometer

Day 109 (7/24): The storm from the day before was really strong and left a nice amount of water for my mom’s garden

Day 110 (7/25): These baby tomatoes grew in my parents garden, to bad shortly after they have disappeared.

Day 111 (7/26): I really like the color of these leaves and the texture against the red brick of our house.

Day 112 (7/27): Another picture of a lily in my mom’s garden. I take so many pictures because it most be my favorite flower.

Day 113 (7/28): I tried make these pumpkin cookies with white chocolate chips. This is how they turned out.

Day 114 (7/29): The ivy climbing up the wall of our brick house.

Day 115 (7/30): I finally made it one morning to the Shaker Square Farmers Market. It was packed!

Day 116 (7/31): Dalton loves crawling around the bushes.

Day 117 (8/1): Third time in the past week and a half the power was acting up. So I took a picture of our darkened street.

Day 118 (8/2): A stone bunny in our yard.


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