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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

February 24, 2013

When I saw the weekly photo challenge theme, forward, I wanted to take a fresh approach on the theme. I began looking through my previous photos for inspiration and ended up focusing on three different structures I had taken photos of: St. Peter’s Vatican, Il Duomo in Florence, and The Pantheon. After looking at various of my photos of those buildings and specifically their domes, I decided I wanted to post a photo I had taken of the Pantheon from November 2009 due to its role in moving forward Western architecture and my own interest in the history of architecture.

When one is studying the development of modern architecture (which I refer to as anything from the early Renaissance to today) it is impossible to avoid studying the Pantheon. It was built during the height of Roman architecture but as Europe moved into the middle ages, the knowledge of how the dome was constructed was lost. The intent to once again build giant domes to mark the importance of a church remerged in the early Renaissance and architects began to look at the Pantheon for inspiration. Although, no one was fully able to be replicated during this time, the Pantheon still played a huge role, not only by pushing architecture forward into the modern era as a central dome began to pop up in more and more city skylines, it also pushed forward building technology as architects attempted to build such domes, such as Brunelleschi did has he designed the dome of Il Duomo.


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