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Yep…Another Long Break

August 24, 2013

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in such a long time. Especially because I have actually taken a fair amount of photos this summer! However, this summer has been one to remember. In the middle of June, the organization I worked for held a HUGE concert, and shortly after, I went home for what was meant to be a two week trip. However, during my first day, I was involved in a car accident (my car was hit) that totaled my car. The other driver was fine and I had minimal injuries (a bruise from my seatbelt and a strained muscle). But being without a car was not an option for me, and I jumped right into “I have to get a car immediately” mode. My dad was kind enough to assist me with the search, and a week after my accident I held the keys to a brand new car!  I stayed home a couple extra days then originally planed to make sure everything with the accident was tied up before I returned to Boston.

My extended trip gave me the opportunity to clean out my room. I had never spent so much time going down memory lane. I found items I thought I had lost and other items I was happy to pack away and put into boxes. I got to recycle my GIANT stack of Seventeen Magazines (they were the best) and keep half of my beanie babies (the rest were given away….why did I need to collect so many again?). And of course while I was home I found some time to take photos of my Mom’s beautiful garden, which was having a banner year. (Will post those photos….which I also have to email to my mom….SORRY!)

After my trip to home, I was back in Boston for about 3 weeks before heading out on another trip. This time to Algonquin Park for my parent’s 40th anniversary. Those of you who have never seen me mention Algonquin Park, it is the Provincial Park in Canada where my sisters and I went to camp. My parents discovered the camp, Camp Tanamakoon, at a camp fair when my older sister was about 11, and our entire family fell in love with it. When my parents would come up for visitor’s day or to pick us up, they would stay at Killarney Lodge, which they also fell in love with. They decided their anniversary was not only a perfect excuse to return, but to bring the entire family together for the trip. The trip was BEYOND perfect. Better then I could have imagined. In my mind Algonquin Park has not changed. It is still this perfect place in nature where I feel at peace. And most importantly, my sisters and I were able to go back and see the camp we had loved. My brother-in-law came with us, and said after seeing the camp, he has a much better idea of where some our tendencies derive from, like how we always sing. Of course I took tons of photos that I will post later! (I PROMISE!)

After my trip to Algonquin Park I went to my friends house in New Hampshire for a weekend. The lake the house was located on reminded me of Algonquin. But for the most part I have been back in Boston all of August working here and there and enjoying summer.

I promise I will post all these photos I took over the past couple months VERY SOON!

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