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Algonquin Park: Infinite Lakes

August 25, 2013

For my first post of my photos from my family’s trip to Algonquin Park, I decided to post two photos of lakes, for two reasons: these lakes each mean something special to me and Algonquin Park feels as though it has an infinite amount of lakes.

Spending my summers in Algonquin led me to take many canoe trips with my camp. We paddled and portaged all day long. Ate every meal around the campfire. And gazed at the moon and the stars. The longest trip I went on was 6 days, during which, we went into the back area of the park and at one point didn’t see anyone else for about 2 days. On this trip, we spent an entire day canoeing a river and hiked up to see some of the oldest trees in the park. I never had a bad trip and learned that Algonquin Park has so many lakes I will never paddle them all. Therefore, it is a place of with an infinite amount of lakes.

This picture is of Lake of Two Rivers. The Lodge our family stays at is located on the edge and it is a wonderful lake to paddle around. There is an island in the middle that has blue berry bushes. I have wonderful memories of canoeing over to the island and picking blueberries there with my father. When we canoed over to the island on our first afternoon of this trip, my 65 year old father got out at the island and swam back, and it is a pretty long swim.

DSC_0157 - Copywrite

This photograph is of one part of Tanamakoon Lake. Tanamakoon Lake is divided into two parts by what we called The Channel. This is the lake where the camp I attended, Camp Tanamakoon, is located. When I shot this photo, I was standing on Downendena (I don’t think that is spelled correctly, sorry), the far end of the camp where we would have final council fire. The boat house is located on this end, and was the first thing we would see as we were canoeing into camp at the beginning of the summer. It’s always wonderful to go back there and stand and enjoy nature.

DSC_0185 - Copywrite

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