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Photo a Day Project: Day 1 – 7

May 17, 2015

Hey Everyone! So after a rough never ending winter, I am back with a new project: one photo posted every day. I had done this once before and had not finished. This time I am DETERMINED to finish it, and think it will be easier because of two big differences. 1) I have a smart phone, so being able to take photos throughout the day will be easier. 2) I am changing my own process: At the end of every day I will post the photo of the day on my Instagram account, and then every Sunday or Monday I will post the past seven photos to my blog. The photos will range from artsy photos that I take to capturing experiences I have. Sometimes I will write a few words about the photos, sometime I will just post the photo.

Enjoy these first 7! And make sure to follow along to see if I actually complete it.

Day 1

day 1

Day 2

day 2

Day 3

day 3

Day 4

This photo came about because it was 9:30 at night and I was just getting home, all I could think was I hadn’t taken a photo I could post. Fortunately, my roommate is growing chilis and there was this bright red one!

day 4Day 5

day 5

Day 6

I think the bus had “80’s party bus” written on it, but to me it was the Electric Mayhem bus from the original Muppet Movie.

day 6

Day 7

My roommate and I ended up with tickets to the Kiss FM concert, where we had seats really close to the stage. There I finally got to watch one of my favorites, Kelly Clarkson, perform. She was just as amazing as I thought she would be, even more.

day 7

There you have it! My first 7 down, day #8 posted to Instagram….and 357 to go!

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